Byrd’s Pecans History

L.V. Byrd grew up in eastern Oklahoma, where a good tree was a valuable asset. This is where his reverence towards trees began. He referred to them as the lungs of the planet, always being good for a little shade on a hot day, but he knew their value to be greater than that.


During the 50’s he saw the trend of the American farmer was to bulldoze down trees so he decided to save a few, over 4,000 so far. He devoted his life to the pecan tree and if there ever was a man who know a thing or two about pecan trees and the nuts they produced, L. V. Byrd was that man. It was never a struggle to get Vernon to talk about pecans – the struggle was finding the time for the entire conversation in one sitting.

We want to share a little bit about us and our family and the outcome and landmarks of a dedicated life. Vernon passed away in 2003 but his passion for pecans continues through his wife, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren – as it takes all of us combined, to fill his shoes.